Benefits of membership

  1. Membership of the N.Z.S.D.A. is subject to a period of Provisional Membership after which members may advertise that they belong to this trade organization.
  2. The N.Z.S.DA. through a sub-committee runs annual “NZSDA Stamp shows” in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington (Lower Hutt). Stand are available to NZSDA members only – unless all stands are not taken-up in which case members of our sister organizations in Australia, United Kingdom or the U.S.A. would be eligible.
  3. The Administrative Officer maintains a “Burglary/Theft alert” programme now mainly by email which advises members of losses by members or by the public if advised by them or the Police.
  4. The N.Z.S.D.A.. has a sub-committee which maintains contact with New Zealand Post.
  5. The N.Z.S.D.A. maintains contacts with the Federation representing Stamp Clubs throughout New Zealand and appoints a liaison officer to look after our interests at all major stamp exhibitions.
  6. The Administrative Officer (initially) and the Executive of N.Z.S.D.A. will assist in settling disputes between dealers and the public or between dealers.

For new members within New Zealand the application fee is $115.00, the annual membership fee for full-time dealer membership is $195.50. For new members overseas the application fee is $100.00, the annual membership fee is $170.00, all figures in New Zealand dollars. Click here for application form (PDF file)